Onsite Robot Programming

Onsite Robot Programming

I Robots engineers have programmed robots for several different applications and having International Robot Programming Experience at ABB China for Kawasaki Robots.

Our Experties
On-site operations include painting, lesar cutting, hemming, spot and stud welding, sealing, material handling, MIG welding, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, burning, deburring, and vision inspection guiding.

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NEW LINE Integration

New Line Integration refers to the process of programming and configuring robotic systems directly at the location where they will be used.

  • Robot selection criteria : Payload, Reach, Application, Communication protocol & working environment.
  • Programming interface : It’s important to note that each manufacturer may have its own programming environment, tools, and features.  
  • Eg. For FANUC  Robot use a programming language called karel OR karel+ .

                    For KUKA Robot use a programming language called KRL .

                    For ABB robots primarily use RAPID programming language .

  • Teach pendant programming : Many robots support teach pendant programming, where operators manually guide the robot through desired motions, and the system records and converts these motions into a program.
  • Real-time adjustment : A framework providing libraries and tools for developing robot compatibility for providing real time controller response
  • Collaboration with operators : With the help of HMIs, Teach Pendant & Scada systems
  • Safety considerations : Risk Assessment, Safety Standards, Safety Components, Safety PLCs, Emergency Stop Procedures, Operator Training, Safety Training
Ongoing Project Support

Provide support to customer for existing lines, stations & systems to modify as per requirement for model addition, cycle time reduction, quality improvement, spares/repair and so on 


  • Compliance with Import and Customs Regulations
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  •  Supply Chain for Spare Parts
  • Network of Service Centers
  •  Local Technical Support
  •  Training Programs
  • Local Partnerships