Battery Line

Trimming Dies, Meticulously Crafted for Grid Casting Machines to Meet the Highest Quality Standards.
Product Range

Special Purpose Machine­­­ 

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Our Special-Purpose Machines, Tailored to Meet Unique Industry Needs with Precision and Reliability 

Material Handling Solutions 

Optimize Workflow and Safety with Our Cutting-Edge Material Handling Solutions, Designed for Seamless Integration and Maximum Efficiency.

Testing Machine 

Ensure Product Quality and Reliability with Our Advanced Testing Machines, Offering Unparalleled Accuracy and Performance for Rigorous Quality Control. 

Battery Finishing Line 

Streamline Your Production Process with Our Battery Finishing Line Solutions, Meticulously Engineered for Optimal Performance and Efficiency. 

Assembly Machine 

Experience Efficiency Redefined with Our Assembly Machines, Designed to Streamline Production Processes While Maintaining the Highest Quality Standards.

Jigs And Fixtures 

Achieve Precision and Consistency in Manufacturing with Our Bespoke Jigs and Fixtures, Tailored to Your Specific Requirements for Enhance


Four function testing automation with robotic vision pick & place

the system performs testing and validation procedures on the objects before they have been picked and placed. This could involve functional testing, quality inspection, or other forms of validation to ensure that the objects meet specific criteria or standards.

Automating these four functions typically involves integrating various hardware components such as robotic arms, cameras, sensors, and actuators with software algorithms for object detection, localization, and control. Additionally, robust software frameworks or platforms used to orchestrate the overall automation process and manage communication between different components of the system.

Automatic Heat-Sealing Machine.

IROBOTS manufacturing and supplying high-quality heat-sealing machine for Battery lid and container. We provide fully automatic machine which perfectly seal 2 batteries per cycle.

Intercell Welding Machine for Motorcycle, Automotive & Tubular Batteries

IROBOTS manufacturing and supplying high quality Battery Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Intercell welding machine for Motorcycle & Automotive Batteries

Lug Brushing & Cutting Machine

Battery Plate Lug Brushing and plate cutting machine for Automotives and Motorcycle Battery

IROBOTS manufacturing and supplying high quality Battery Plate Lug Brushing and plate cutting machine for Automotive and Motorcycle Battery (LBCM)


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