Articulated Robots( 6 Axis Robot’s )

Articulated Robots( 6 Axis Robot’s )
  • Articulated robots are a type of industrial robot with rotary joints (or axes) that mimic the range of motion of a human arm. These robots are versatile and widely used in various industries
  • Articulated robots have multiple rotary joints, typically resembling a human arm with a shoulder, elbow, and wrist. The number of joints can vary, with common configurations having six axes (6-DOF – Degrees of Freedom) or more.
Flexible Range of Motion
  • The design of articulated robots allows for a high degree of freedom and flexibility in their range of motion. This flexibility makes them suitable for tasks that require precise and complex movements.
End-Effector (Tool) Attachment
  • Articulated robots are equipped with an end-effector or tool at the end of the arm. The end-effector is tailored to the specific task the robot is designed for, such as grippers for picking and placing, welding torches, or painting tools
High Payload Capacity
  • Articulated robots are capable of carrying substantial payloads, making them suitable for applications that involve lifting or manipulating heavy objects
Precision and Accuracy
  • The multiple joints of articulated robots provide precise control over their movements, enabling high levels of accuracy in performing tasks.

Speed and Efficiency
  • These robots can move quickly and efficiently, contributing to increased productivity in manufacturing and industrial   processes.



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