Delta Robot’s

Delta Robot’s
  • Delta robots, also known as parallel robots or spider robots, are a type of robot mechanism designed for high-speed and precise pick-and-place tasks in manufacturing and packaging industries.

Parallel Architecture
  • Delta robots consist of three arms connected to a common base in a parallel configuration. The arms are typically connected to the end effector, forming a triangular or pyramid-like structure.
High-Speed Operation
  • One of the notable advantages of delta robots is their high-speed operation. The parallel kinematics allow for simultaneous and coordinated motion of all three arms, enabling rapid and precise movements.
Precision and Accuracy
  • Delta robots are known for their high precision and repeatability. The parallel structure minimizes the effects of backlash and provides accurate control over the end effector
Inverse Kinematics
    • Delta robots require specialized control algorithms, including inverse kinematics, to calculate the joint angles required for a specific end effector position. The parallel structure adds complexity to the control system
  • While delta robots are often associated with pick-and-place tasks, they can be adapted for various applications. Some models have been designed for tasks such as 3D printing and assembly of small components.

Suspended Payload
  • Delta robots are capable of handling payloads while maintaining a suspended orientation. This feature is advantageous for applications where the end effector needs to move freely in the vertical direction.

  • Delta robots may have limitations in terms of payload capacity and reach compared to other robot types. They
    are most

    effective for tasks within their designed workspace.


Delta robots are commonly used in pick-and-place applications, packaging, sorting, and assembly tasks. They excel in scenarios where high-speed and precise positioning are essential REFER IMAGES = omron delta robot, ABB DELTA


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