SCARA(Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) Robot’s
  • This type of industrial robot that is widely used for assembly, pick-and-place, and other applications in manufacturing environments. SCARA robots are known for their speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

Mechanical Structure
  • Arm Design: SCARA robots have a rigid, horizontally extended arm that typically consists of two parallel joints for planar motion (up and down, forward and backward).
  • Vertical Axis: SCARA robots have a vertical axis of rotation, allowing them to move in a cylindrical motion within the horizontal plane.
Selective Compliance
    • SCARA robots exhibit selective compliance, meaning they have a certain degree of flexibility or compliance in the horizontal plane while remaining rigid vertically.This compliance allows them to adjust to slight variations in the works-pace.
Speed and Precision
  • SCARA robots are known for their high-speed operation, making them suitable for applications with rapid cycle times.
  • They offer excellent repeatability, ensuring that they can repeatedly perform tasks with high accuracy
  • SCARA robots are best suited for tasks within their relatively confined work envelope, and they may not be as versatile in terms of reach and flexibility as some other robotic designs
  • SCARA robots are commonly used in assembly operations, pick-and-place tasks, material handling, and other applications requiring fast and precise movements within a limited workspace.


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